HDPE Fabrication

CAVCO has been fabricating and suppling custom HDPE pipe and fittings for many years. We have extensive knowledge and experience in supply material for a wide range of industrial and municipal applications including Dual Containment & Perforated Pipe, Flanged & Transition Fittings and custom spool pieces.  We continue to invest in both our workforce and equipment.  We have the experience and capacity to assist in your project whatever the design of HDPE.


Listed below are some of the recent custom fabrication projects completed by CAVCO:

  • Dual Containment Pipe & Fittings        Leachate containment, landfill
  • Flanged Elbows, Tees & Pipe                   Wash plant, coal mine
  • Flanged Spool Pieces                                 Underground waste water, industrial plant
  • Manholes & Manholes Extensions        Waste water project, municipality
  • Manifold                                                        Irrigation system, agricultural
  • Marine Application                                   Sleeve for pilings, marina
  • Perforated Pipe                                          Chemical plant ponds
  • Pontoons                                                      Floating pontoon, hydro project
  • Spacers                                                         Valves in water project, municipality
  • Storage & Leachate Tanks                      Leachate collection, landfill
  • Transition Fittings                                    Methane collection, natural resource
  • Vaults & Boxes                                           Valve & meter vault, power generation