HDPE Fusion & Rental

CAVCO maintains a large inventory of HDPE rental equipment. All our rental equipment is sourced from leading manufacturers and provided with calibration certificates.  We offer rental and sale options that cover pipe size ranging from ½ to 48 Inches.  Rental equipment maintained by CAVCO includes:

  • Butt Fusion Equipment
    • McElroy TracStar Machines
      • T1200, 900, 630, 500, 618, 412, 28
    • McElroy Wheeled Machines
      • 618, 412, 28
    • McElroy Pitbulls
      • 26, 14
  • Dataloggers
  • Electrofusion Processors
  • Extrusion Welders
  • Generators
  • HDPE pipe scrapers
  • Socket Fusion Equipment
  • Sidewall Fusion Equipment
  • Test Plugs


Trained Technicians

CAVCO also provides experienced and certified fusion technicians to support our on-site contractors. CAVCO has experienced technicians that have sub-contracted at Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Coal Mines, Landfills and Quarries.  We support our contractors with the ability to provide experienced and certified fusion technicians for their specific needs. CAVCO technicians are also variously MSHA, McElroy, OSHA and Basic Safety Orientation Plus Certified.

CAVCO also continually updates an extensive library of supporting documentation including size & dimension data, submittals, MSDS, HDPE butt fusion procedures, pressure ratings, compound data, ISO certifications, etc..